盛大召开在即 | 2023年联合国经社理事会伙伴关系论坛及边会活动

Grand Opening of 2023 UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum and Side Events 

2023年联合国经社理事会伙伴关系论坛(UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2023)将于2023年1月31日在纽约联合国总部举行。论坛期间,联合国全球契约组织中国联络办公室将与合办方于当日美国东部(EST)时间早上8:30-9:45及晚上6:00-7:30分别举办两场线上边会。

The 2023 Partnership Forum of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will be held on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, at the United Nations headquarters in New York. During the Forum, the UN Global Compact China Liaison Office will hold two virtual side events with the co-organizers at 8:30-9:45am and 6:00-7:30pm (EST).

Section One



Under the main theme of “Accelerating the recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at all levels”, the 2023 UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum will bring together UN Member States and stakeholders ——from international organizations, private sector, scientific community, governments, women, youth, etc. – to discuss innovative efforts that are driving action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of practical and effective innovative partnership.


Join us online! Work with companies and other stakeholders to explore how the private sector and partnerships can contribute to sustainable development.


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Forum agenda


Note: The Times below are all EST.


31, January 2023

08:30-09:45 | 边会

10:00-10:25 | 开幕会议:经社理事会主席 拉切扎拉·斯托耶娃阁下致辞

                                       常务副秘书长 阿米娜·穆罕默德阁下致辞

                                       艺术家、小说家和气候正义活动家 米娅·卡米女士主旨演讲

10:25-13:00 | 全体会议:成员国代表发言

12:00-13:00 | 焦点会议:为实施可持续发展目标提供资金支持 & 在地方层面提供实惠的优质公共服务

13:00-15:00 | 边会

15:00-16:00 | 焦点会议:可持续发展目标峰会 & 青年推动变革

16:15-17:15 | 焦点会议:增强转型能力 & 建立伙伴关系问责制

17:30-17:45 | 闭幕会议:联合国副秘书长 李军华阁下致辞

                                       联合国助理秘书长、联合国全球契约组织总干事 桑达·奥佳博阁下致辞

                                       经社理事会主席 拉切扎拉·斯托耶娃阁下致辞

08:30-09:45 | Side event

10:00-10:25 | Opening meeting:  Speech by H.E. Ms. Rachezara Stoyeva, President of ECOSOC

                                                     Speech by H.E. Ms. Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of ECOSOC

                                                     Keynote speech by Ms. Mia Kami, Artist, Novelist and Climate justice activist

10:25-13:00 | Plenary session: Statements by the representative of the member states

12:00-13:00 | Focus conference: Providing financial support for the implementation of the SDGs Providing affordable and quality public services at local level

13:00-15:00 | Side events

15:00-16:00 | Focus conference: SDGs summit & Youth pushing for change

16:15-17:15 | Focus conference: Enhance transformation ability & Development of partnership accountability

17:30-17:45 | Closing meeting:   Speech by H.E. Mr. Li Junhua, UN Under Secretary-General

                                                    Speech by H.E. Ms. Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of UN Global Compact

                                                    Speech by H.E. Ms. Rachezara Stoyeva, President of ECOSOC


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Section two



由联合国全球契约组织中国联络办公室主办,国际竹藤组织(INBAR)、第一财经合办的 “通过创新伙伴关系加速零碳转型——以SDG为驱动的应对海洋塑料危机的跨部门解决方案” 2023年ECOSOC伙伴关系论坛边会将于2023年1月31日美国东部(EST)时间早上8:30-9:45(北京时间晚上9:30-10:45)举行。

Under the theme of " Accelerating Net Zero Transition through Innovative Partnerships -- SDG-driven Business Solutions Across Sectors to Combat Ocean Plastic Crisis", the 2023 ECOSOC Partnership Forum side event, hosted by UN Global Compact China Liaison Office, co-organized by INBAR and Yicai will be held from 8:30 to 9:45am (EST) on 31 January 2023.


Focusing on the theme of "Combat Ocean Plastic Crisis and Accelerate the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", the side event will share concrete collective actions by UN agencies, cross-sector enterprises and NGOs through partnerships and innovation platforms under the concept of circular economy and full value chain perspective.


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Side event agenda


Note: The Times below are all EST.


31, January 2023

08:30-08:35 | 联合国助理秘书长、联合国全球契约组织总干事 桑达·奥佳博 开幕致辞
08:35-08:40 | 国际竹藤组织(INBAR)副总干事 陆文明博士 主旨演讲
08:40-08:50 | 视频展示
08:50-09:40 | “从承诺到行动——从全价值链的角度,通过创新伙伴关系,释放循环经济潜能” 跨部门商业领袖分享环节

                      - 萌(主持人) 联合国全球契约组织亚太区总代表

                      - 董本洪 阿里巴巴首席市场官

                      - 陈应让 康师傅控股有限公司CEO

                      - Tove Andersen 陶朗(TOMRA)公司总裁、首席执行官

                      - 王星懿 宁波士林工艺品有限公司总经理

                      - 陈思劼 上海第一财经传媒有限公司首席执行官

09:40-9:45 | 联合国驻华协调员 常启德 闭幕致辞

08:30-08:35 | Opening Remarks by Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of UN Global Compact

08:35-08:40 | Keynote Speech by Prof. Wenming Lu, Deputy Director General of INBAR

08:40-08:50 | Demonstration Videos

08:50-09:40 | From Commitment to Action - Unlock the circular economy potential through innovation partnership from a full value chain perspective

               - Host: Meng Liu, Head of China Office, UN Global Compact

               - Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer, Alibaba Group

               - Yingrang Chen, CEO, TingYi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.

               - Tove Andersen, President and CEO, TOMRA

               - Sijie Chen, CEO, Yicai Media Group

               - Doris Wang, General Manager of Ningbo Shilin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

09:40-09:45 | Closing Remarks by Ambassador Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Resident Coordinator to China

Section three

联合国全球契约组织中国联络办公室主办的 “通过搭建公私伙伴关系为可持续复苏建立有韧性的医疗基础设施” 2023年联合国经社理事会伙伴关系论坛边会将于2023年1月31日美国东部(EST)时间18:00–19:30(北京时间2月1日早7:00-8:30)举行。

Under the theme of "Building Resilient Healthcare Infrastructure for Sustainable Recovery through Public and Private Partnerships", the 2023 ECOSOC Partnership Forum side event, hosted by UN Global Compact China Liaison Office, will be held on 31 January 2023, from 18:00 to 19:30 EST (1 February 2023, from 7:00 to 8:30am, Beijing time).


This side event will discuss how to build a resilient healthcare infrastructure through public and private partnerships in the post-epidemic era. Representatives from UN agencies, businesses, international organizations, and think tanks will attend and speak.


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Forum agenda


Note: The Times below are all EST.


31, January 2023

18:00-18:10 | 联合国驻华协调员 常启德开幕致辞

18:10-18:30 | 中国国际发展知识中心副主任 蒋希蘅女士 主旨演讲

18:30-18:45 | 红十字国际委员会东亚医疗卫生项目负责人 卢意鹏 演讲

18:45-19:00 | 清华大学万科公共卫生与健康学院副教授 唐昆 演讲

19:00-19:20 | 私营部门实践分享

                      - 柯家洋先生 稳健医疗集团副总裁兼首席投资官

                      - 杨光先生 水滴公司联合创始人、首席财务官

19:20-19:30 | 联合国全球契约组织在行动 ——“一体化集装箱生态厕所2.0” 项目宣介

18:00-18:10 | Opening Welcome Remarks by Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Resident Coordinator to China

18:10-18:30 | Keynote speech by Ms. Xiheng Jiang, Vice President, Center for International Knowledge on Development

18.30-18:45 | Speech by Dr. Luca Falqui, Head of Health Program, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Regional Delegation for East Asia

18.45-19:00 | Speech by Mr.Tang Kun, Associate Professor, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University

19.00-19:20 | Best Practices Sharing from the Private Sector

               - Mr. Kevin Orr, Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Winner Medical Group

               - Mr. Guang Yang, Co-founder & Chief Finance Officer, Waterdrop  Inc.

19.20-19:30 | Program introduction: UNGC is taking action– Eco Loobox for All 2.0



* Times and guests of the agenda may be adjusted.


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